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Bible-based healing as taught by Jesus

Our Mission

The mission of our church is to help people know their relationship to God in a way that is practical - resulting in healing and the joyful discovery of man's spiritual identity and innocence.

Meet our Pastor

Christian Science churches around the globe all have the same pastor:  The King James Bible

and Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. 

Our Pastor not only makes house calls, our Pastor can take up permanent residence in the home of every member and guest simultaneously.  Our Pastor never gets tired, is never double-booked, cannot be tempted or led astray by any means.  Our Pastor does not have one message for some and a different message for others.  Our Pastor is never short on patience, never irritable, and will always tell you the whole truth.

What could possibly be more personal than a message that is ready and waiting just for you in your every hour?  Whether you need help with a difficult family member, need a job, or just want some good ideas to carry with you into your day; these books are ready and waiting.

The message remains and we perceive it when we are ready.

Sunday School

Children, up to age 20, are welcome in our Sunday School.  We emphasize Bible-based, practical, spiritual approaches to living and to solving day-to-day problems.

Sunday School lasts 1 hour and meets at 10:30 Sunday mornings.

A nursery is available for infants and children too young for Sunday School.

Additional Resources for youth:

Online youth page sponsored by The Mother Church

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